Wasteland Alice

We all know the story of Alice, the little blonde girl who fell down a rabbit hole and embarked on a fantasy filled adventure. This, is not that story....this, is not that world. This world is savage, brutal, and barren. But, there is a place among the ruin that people have come to fear and respect. A monstrous place built on cunning, cooperation, and strength. A place where you can find anything you desire for the right price. It is the grotesque spectacle known only as “Wonderland”.

I am shifting gears and going back to my illustration and concept roots to bring to life a post apocalyptic narrative that has been ever-evolving in my head, Wasteland Alice.

Alice was originally created as a one-off character, but her story, and the world she was part of, started to take hold of my imagination. While toiling away on builds and traveling to conventions over the past two years, Alice, The Red Queen, and Wonderland were always with me, continuing to grow and develop.

I launched a successful Kickstarter in early 2018, to introduce the ruthless characters who swear loyalty to The Red Queen, but this is just a small taste of Alice’s world and the first of several projects that are planned to bring her story to life.

Wasteland Alice Playing Cards and Coloring Books are now available in my Etsy store! Click Here!!!

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