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Wasteland Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Cheshire Cat Inspired Gas Mask

Wasteland Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Cheshire Cat Inspired Gas Mask


Ok, so you guys know that I was little burnt out and wanted to start working on my own creations. Instead of just sculpting something up and going here is a new mask I really wanted to flush out a character. So after being inspired by a friend to try some concept art again!!!

First off Alice actually isn't her real name. Everyone in the Wasteland just calls her that because...well you can kind of tell from her attire. Her parents were tragically killed when she was pretty young. Left on her own to fend for herself she didn't have the greatest of childhoods. Now she wanders from place to place talking to imaginary cats and brandishing her best friend "Rose" (that would be a thorn covered blunt object) and yes she is always looking to paint Rose red!!

Alice's gas mask was custom made and features an abstract Cheshire Cat face-plate with respirators on either side. A ton of detail has been added to the surface of this mask showing lots of battle damage / wear and tear. The mask was hand sculpted by me and is resin cast using Smooth-On 65D

--Painted kit will include the mask completely painted (as seen in the preview images above) with elastic straps/velcro and some basic padding on the cheeks and nose.

You can also see watch a full video of me painting an Alice mask on Twitch

Each mask is hand made and unique. These masks are a pretty much one size fits all but feel free to trim, heat, add foam, or dremel out the mask for it to better fit you. These are not functional and just for cosplay applications ( not intended for paintball, airsoft, etc)

Once shipped I will send you an email with tracking info

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Wasteland Alice and Accompanying Characters Copyright 2016 by Steven K. Smith (aka SKS Props)

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