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Turbo Kid Skeletron Cosplay Mask

Turbo Kid Skeletron Cosplay Mask


I absolutely love campy over the top horror movies. For those of you that haven't heard about the indie film Turbo Kid let me be the first to say it's a blood and guts, 80s throwback, Mad Max on BMX bikes good time!!! Anyways I saw a preview for the movie months ago and knew that I had to build one of the main bad guys Skeletron. Skeletron is a mute psychopath who wears wasteland like apparel in their post apocalyptic world. He sports a metal mask, spiked shoulder pads, and a killer buzz saw spinning/throwing weapon.

This is my sculpt of Skeletron's mask from the movie and it is officially licensed through Turbo Kid!! These were available early bird through Turbo Kid's Indiegog campaign but we figured that others should have the opportunity to own such an iconic piece from a killer movie.

This mask was hand sculpted by me and resin cast using high impact Smooth-On 65D resins. Each mask is meticulously hand painted and weathered to recreate the look of the movie worn prop. Leather is used to line the top rim of the mask and metal tacks are added to keep it in place. The masks are padded on the inside for comfort and strapped to fit using leather and elastic. This is listing is for the Skeletron mask only and does not include any additional accessories or the wig.

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