Gears of War - Theron Guard

Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 TwitchCon Cosplay Contest, my Gears of War Theron Guard has to be the most elaborate costume I have ever created.  On a deadline of just 6 weeks this monster consumed my life both day and night.  Made almost entirely out of foam, from TNT Cosply Supply, this costume stands at 6' 5" tall but only weighs in at 30lbs.  Utilizing arm and leg extension, plus a custom muscle suit, honestly this is not just a costume but an entire body modification.  The hand were made to grasp both the cleaver and fan favorite Torque Bow.  You can see a lot of the live creation process on my Twitch Channel here

t 1 web.jpg
t 5 web.jpg
t 3 web.jpg
t 4 web.jpg
t 2 web.jpg