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Foam Clay

Foam Clay

  • Nontoxic lightweight air drying Foam Clay is perfect for adding additional details to cosplay costumes, craft projects, models and props.

  • Foam Clay will air dry around 24 to 48 hours depending on the thickness of Foam Clay (thicker pieces will of course take longer).

  • Once dry, it cures into a dense material resembling EVA foam which can be cut, sanded, glued, and will accept various paints and primers

  • Works great with CA glue, Super glue, hot glue and contact cement adhesives.

  • Gray color makes for good visibility when sculpting details and WIP photos and videos.

  • Great for filling seams and adding details to your foam builds; Foam Clay can be pressed into a mold or sculpted by hand (use water to smooth Foam Clay).

    Be sure to always use proper safety protection when working with crafting tools and supplies.